Hartlebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School

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Governors Information and Duties

The constitution of the Governing Body of Hartlebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School is set out in the Instrument of Government as follows. The term of office of each Governor is four years. Co-opted Governors may be appointed for a shorter period, depending on the needs of the Governing Body.

The Chair of Governors, Carolyn Gumbley, can be contacted via the school office – telephone 01299 250312 or email office@hartlebury.worcs.sch.uk

Governing Body

Foundation Governors Appointed by the Church (2)

 Mrs Carolyn Gumbley


 Reverend Stephen Winter

Headteacher Hartlebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School

 Mrs Sophie Bartlett

Staff Governor Elected by the school’s staff (2)

 Mrs Caroline Unitt

Executive Headteacher

 Mrs Toni Branagh-Wall


SAET Governor Nominated by the Trust (2)

 Mrs Sandra Hickman

 Mr Ian James

Parent Governors Elected by the parents/carers of children at the school (2)

 Mrs Holly Baraks

 Miss Sophie Moseley


 Mrs Jill Walker


  • Articles of Association

    Submitted: Sep 2021 - Type: PDF

  • Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme

    Submitted: Oct 2021 - Type: PDF

  • Governors Meeting Attendance Register 2020-2021

    Submitted: Oct 2021 - Type: PDF

  • Hartlebury LGB Information including Register of Business/Pecuniary Interests

    Submitted: Sep 2021 - Type: PDF

  • Instrument of Government

    Submitted: Oct 2021 - Type: PDF

  • LGB Terms of Reference

    Submitted: Mar 2022 - Type: PDF

  • Scheme of Delegation

    Submitted: Sep 2021 - Type: PDF

  • Stepped Down Governors

    Submitted: Sep 2021 - Type: PDF