Global Training Day

Hartlebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School

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Global Training Day

As part of the SAET – Severn Academies Educational Trust, our children attended a Global Training Day. They are all now Global Superstars.

Global Learning Day

On Wednesday 27th September the Key Stage Two members of our Eco Council went to Stourport High School to take part in a Global Learning Day. We teamed up with five other schools and spent the whole day becoming Global Learning experts. We studied and tried out different dances from all around the world; learnt where our food comes from and how much CO2 it takes to get it to England; found out what goes into our toilets and bins and discovered the amazing potential of solar power and how it helps the world. We had a really great time, learnt loads and have come back to school with lots of inspiration that we can use to help improve the Global Learning going on in school.

Plant and Share Month: 19th April- 19th May 2021

Plant and share is all about growing your own and sharing it with those around you.

Whether you’re growing in yogurt pots for the first time or you’re a seasoned grower with an allotment, Plant and Share month is for you.

Covid-19 has made us all realise just how crucial fresh local food is and we all have the power to grow it ourselves!

Food for Life Get-Togethers are all about bringing people together using the power of good food and Plant and Share aims to bring us all closer to our roots-both through our food and our communities.

Find out more about how to get involved at:

Year 4 Electricity

Year 4 have been learning all about electricity in Science.

Children have; identified appliances that run on electricity, constructed a simple electrical circuit, identified and named basic parts of a circuit.

Over the last few lessons children have begun to recognise that a switch opens and closes a circuit and have associated this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple circuit. They have finished their learning with an investigation into switches.

Well done Year 4!