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 Quick Links

Wash your Hands

Please watch the video attached of Alexander, William and Edward who attend our school. Miss Perry sent Alexander some ideas for activities to try at home and he along with his brothers have been learning some British Sign Language.

We thought the video attached contained one of the most important phrases at this present time.

The boys are actively encouraging you to Wash your Hands in sign language!

Well done boys this is totally amazing!



Baking Challenge

Daniel in Year 6 was set a baking challenge by a friend to bake a toilet roll cake due to all the craziness over toilet roll during our rainbow time.

We all think Daniel did a brilliant job and wish him all the luck in the world with his entry into Junior Bake off!

Keep us updated with your entry progress Daniel!

Our Value this month is Courage

This months Value is Courage. We think you will all agree that this value will be most appropriate at this current time.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~ Winston Churchill

“Stepping back in time”

Since returning to school, Year 6 have been “Stepping back in time” and looking at how things like television, entertainment and holidays changed throughout the 20th century. One of our favourite things to look at was the fashion!

Today we all came to school dressed from a different decade and as you can see, we had quite the selection!

National Family Appreciation Day (FAD)

I propose a national appreciation day, it is a day for families to stay home from work and school to appreciate having family time and feeling safe. (FAD). Family Appreciation Day.

I think we should have this day to remember the coronavirus and the world having to go into lockdown. During this time shops will be closed, and everyone will stay at home. You can go outside but only if it’s essential you can only go out for a dog walk, a run or a cycle (you can go on more than one walk but only if it’s a dog walk).

This day will happen on the 23rd of march every year. It is set on this day because that is the day the UK went into lockdown.

How to spend the day

You can spend this day by playing games with your family, watch a movie or help your parents with jobs and more. I think this day should be a national day because it will be nice for everyone to come together as a family to appreciate that everything is ok.


Teaching Ducks Road Safety

Noah and Flo taught Mrs Duck and her 12 babies some basic road safety from their house back to their pond on the corner of Inn Lane. Please click on the link below to view the video:

Ducks road safety

We thought this was very cute and really made us smile!

Well done Noah and Flo. Road safety is very important and you have taken really good care of the ducks.

Year 4 Sign Language Video

As part of ‘home learning’ year 4 have been learning sign language and they had a go at learning Three Little Birds.

They have done amazingly well and would like to share with you the sign language video that some of the Year 4’s have taken part in.

Please click on the link below to watch their fabulous video. We are sure you will find yourself singing along to the song and maybe even practicing some of the sign language too!

Well done Year 4. We are all super proud of you!


Starting Well Year 6 Transition Presentation

Wyre Forest School Health Nursing team have put together a 15 minute presentation for Year 6 pupils to help with the transition to High School. There is also information at the end of the video with the transition programme that Barnardo’s are offering over the Summer Holidays.

Please watch the You Tube video below for further information:



Introducing the new Starting Well Partnership in Worcestershire

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, Action for Children, Barnardo’s and Redditch Borough Council were delighted to formally launch the new Starting Well Partnership from 1st April 2020. Please take time to look at the website (www.startingwellworcs.nhs.uk) as this service is a key part of the early intervention and prevention offer in Worcestershire.

The partnership will enhance the support available to children, young people and families across the county, providing help during antenatal, post birth, and early years stages, and right throughout school life. Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic, the service will not be fully operational at this time, but will include Family Hubs in each district, and will offer family and parenting groups supporting all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing for children, young people and their families.

They will also work closely with schools and other community groups supporting young people and parents. The new offer includes a new Starting Well website which they are pleased to say is now live. It will be developed more over the coming months, but initially includes lots if information to support families during the current challenges as a result of Covid-19. There are also links to wider information on a range of issues, from infant feeding through to supporting a young person’s mental wellbeing.

Online learning platform to boost workplace skills launched

The Department for Education are providing FREE courses are available through the new online platform, the Skills Toolkit.

This platform signposts to free, high-quality digital and numeracy courses to help people build up their skills, progress in work and boost their job prospects and confidence whilst at home.

The Skills Toolkit can be accessed here


Courses on offer cover a range of levels, from everyday maths and the use of email and social media at work to more advanced training. All courses are available online and are flexible so that people can work through them at their own pace.


Garden Makeover

Alfie and Charlie have made this lovely video of their lovely lockdown garden makeover. We think it looks really lovely and we are sure the boys will enjoy having all that space to play.

Thank you for sharing your video with us boys. We love it!



Starting Well Reception Transition Presentation

Our Health visiting team in Wyre Forest have put together a presentation for children who are currently in the process of making  transition from nursery/pre-school into Reception year, and will be starting school in September 2020. There are plenty of links and websites you are able to go onto for information and contact the 0-19 Starting Well Partnership for advice and support.

Starting well are providing parenting courses over the summer holidays. It is a six week course. Topics discussed will be around Emotional Health and Well-being, offering support during the ‘Transition/School readiness time. All the details are included in the presentation.

Please watch the You Tube video below for further information:


Fire and Chimney Safety

We are looking to promote some key fire safety messages during the current pandemic situation. We are aware families will be spending more time at home than ever before. This obviously brings different challenges on many levels.

From a fire safety point of view, please look at the following advice from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service on our Newsletter page:



Public Health England – Updated Guidance

Public Health England has updated their guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

Public Health England has published guidance for households with grandparents, parents and children living together where someone is at risk or has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

The guidance can be found here:


‘My sister is off to Forest school, so I want to go too’

Holly and her class pod had Forest school last week. Holly’s younger brother Evan wanted to do the same as his big sister, so him and Mum went to the Wyre Forest and had their own Forest school!

It looks like you had a wonderful time exploring in the Forest. Look at how tall those trees are! We think your sister Holly would love to join you on your next Forest school adventure.

Implementing social distancing in education and childcare settings

The DfE have updated their guidance on social distancing in education and childcare settings, focusing on measures that can be put in place to help limit the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading within these settings.

As we anticipate there are likely to be more children coming into school over the coming weeks it is important that you read and act if not doing so already. This is also helpful guidance to reassure and give confidence to staff that they can feel safe in providing for children.

The guidance also includes a helpful Q&A and can be read here:


Please click on the link below to read the latest guidance for education and childcare settings on how to implement social distancing from Public Health England:


Jump Rope UK

Jump Rope UK are taking this opportunity to raise money for our lovely NHS. Any purchases made, Jump Rope are donating 50-100% of the profits from rope sales go to the NHS.

They also have free online trick tutorials on our YouTube for your children to try out and a lockdown challenge.


For further information and to order from Jump Rope UK, please contact the school office.

Worcestershire Virtual School Games

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the Worcestershire Virtual School Games so far this term. We have already completed 2 challenges, the ‘Speed bounce challenge’ and then we have had children taking part in the ‘Hit the Mark’ challenge.

This week’s challenge is a throwing challenge. Check your emails for more details from Miss Perry. You have until Friday at 5pm to get the entries in for this week! Keep an eye on your emails each week from Miss Perry for further information about the weekly challenges!

You can also represent the school by taking part in the ‘Design a School Games Flag/Poster’ OR by taking part in the ‘Worcestershire’s Got Talent Showcase.’

For further details go to  www.activehw.co.uk/worcestershire-school-games  or email Miss Perry.

Our value this month is HOPE

This months Value is Hope. We think you will all agree that this value will be most appropriate at this current time.

‘Hope is being able to see that their s light despite all of the darkness’ – Desmond Tutu

‘The Lord delights in those who…put their hope in his unfailing love’ – Psalm 147:11 

Roman Timeline

Year 3 children have been ordering key events in history to produce a Roman timeline.

This is a really lovely effort made by Holly.

Well done Holly. Mrs Wares and Mrs Vernon think you did a super job!

Paper Aeroplanes

The children attending Key Worker care created their own paper planes and flew them around the field this afternoon.

Well done everyone. You have created some fabulous paper aeroplanes. We hope you had lots of fun flying them!

Please look at our gallery for more photos!

Covid 19 guidance for individuals who have a diagnosis of autism

A parent has kindly signposted us to the specific criteria within the government’s Covid 19 guidance, that specifically relates to individuals who have a diagnosis of autism:

Can I exercise more than once a day if I need to due to a significant health condition?             

You can leave your home for medical need. If you (or a person in your care) have a specific health condition that requires you to leave the home to maintain your health – including if that involves travel beyond your local area – then you can do so. This could, for example, include where individuals with learning disabilities or autism require specific exercise in an open space two or three times each day – ideally in line with a care plan agreed with a medical professional.

Even in such cases, in order to reduce the spread of infection and protect those exercising, travel outside of the home should be limited, as close to your local area as possible, and you should remain at least 2 metres apart from anyone who is not a member of your household or a carer at all times.

This information has been sent to parents of children who have a diagnosis of autism and/or have been referred to the Umbrella Pathway or Complex Communication Team. As ever, it is important to balance your child’s medical needs with the essential purpose of social distancing.

Please see below the link to the official advice and would advise that you contact your health professionals should you have any further questions.



Amazing Amaiya!

Amaiya in Year 1, wanted to be just like her big sister, Daya, and write her own book review.

Amaiya picked a book she liked online and her Mummy ordered it for her. When it arrived, she read it and wrote her very own book review; which is fabulous. She recommends the book to her class mate India because India likes horses!

Well done Amaiya. Maybe you can post the book to India and then India can review it as well! How great would that be… a class book, travelling by post!

The Duchess of Cambridge Assembly

Tomorrow, the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children.

The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform.

This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.

The Mentally Healthy Schools platform can be accessed here:

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:

A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.

Keeping children and young people entertained

We are providing as much guidance, information and links to website’s to support our families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping children and young people entertained can be fun and educational!

Safeguarding Team Managers in Worcester, Worcestershire - 72255 ...

Please click the link below to be taken directly to the Worcestershire Children First page.


The website provides a range of free activities and guidance including:

A message from Hartlebury Staff…

We are missing all of our children lots and wanted to send you something to make you smile!

We hope you like our video from our house to yours.

Look at all of the lovely rainbows that are in the video. How many can you count?

Stay safe and thank you to all of our children, parents and key workers who are working so hard.

You are all amazing and we are so proud of you all!

A special thank you must go to Miss Branagh, for putting this fabulous video together. 


Department for Education updated online education resources

The Department for Education have updated their online education resources and guidance for home learning. These include additional resources and new tips to help parents and carers with home education.
The list of resources can be found below:

Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education

The Department for Education have published a list of online resources that parents, and schools can consider to support children to continue learning at home.

The list will be updated over time, and includes a wide range of resources for all ages that schools can consider using as part of their planned curriculum.

Schools have already been drawing on existing resources and tools they are familiar with to support children to continue learning at home and should continue to do so.

Further information can be found here:



Wartime Recipe Book

Miss Perry found a Wartime recipe book and asked children (if they were able) to have a go at making some of the recipes.

Katie and William (and their parents!) made potato and cheese dumplings as well as a wartime cake.

They both look delicious! Great work.

Updated guidance to keep children safe online

With the Home Office and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the DFE have updated advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to include new information on apps to help children stay safe online.
The advice and guidance on keeping children safe online can be found below.

Garden Bonfire Safety

We are looking to promote some key fire safety messages during the current pandemic situation. We are aware families will be spending more time at home than ever before. This obviously brings different challenges on many levels.

From a fire safety point of view, please look at the following advice from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service relating to garden bonfire safety on our Newsletter page:


Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you)!

Year 4 have been inspired today, with it being Star Wars Day and some children have had a go at drawing some of the characters from the films.

They used the videos on Art for Kids Hub on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ArtforKidsHub

Why not have a go at drawing one of your own Star Wars characters?

Fantastic work Year 4!

Keeping children safe from abuse and harm

The Department for Education have jointly published new guidance with the Home Office, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and Public Health England on keeping children safe from abuse and harm. This guidance brings together sources of information about the main risks children may be vulnerable to during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and signposts you to help and support available.

The guidance can be found below:


Looking after your Mental Health

Safeguarding your Mental Health during Coronavirus is exceptionally important. Please click on the link below to read the latest guidance from the government about safeguarding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.


The Great Fire of London

The Year 2’s have been working hard at home, learning all about ‘The Great Fire of London’ as part of their ‘Best of British’ topic.

Here is their fantastic work:



The new Reception and Year 1 pod have settled really well back into school. They have started by doing some yoga every morning this week and the children are quickly becoming experts.

Well done Reception and Year 1!

Online Education Resources

Oak National Academy

Launched 20th April 2020, Oak National Academy is an online classroom and resource hub created by teachers, for teachers. It will provide 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages, for every year group. Teachers can use these resources to complement their own lesson planning and remote teaching until schools fully re-open. Every lesson will be free to use for every teacher and every pupil.

For more information visit: https://www.thenational.academy/

BBC Bitesize

In addition, the BBC has also launched its own education package across TV and online providing daily lessons for home schooling in Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.

For more information visit: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

International Nurses Day

Today, we’re saying thank you to nursing staff everywhere for the remarkable contribution they make to the lives of millions of people.

International Nurses’ Day is celebrated around the world each year on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. This year in particular it’s an extra special occasion because not only does it fall during International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, it also marks the 200th anniversary of Nightingale’s birth.

Ordinarily this would be a time for mass celebration, but as nursing staff across the world stand united in responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we must use today to shine a light on the remarkable work all health and care staff are doing for the entire nation.

That’s why we are saying thank you to nursing staff everywhere.

A very special Thank you and Well done must go to Alfie and Charlie who created some beautiful work to show their appreciation to Nurses everywhere. The boys especially wanted to show their appreciation to their wonderful Mum, who is also a Nurse.

Please look at more of their fantastic work in our Gallery!

Thank you Tesco

During our rainbow time, the children in our key worker pod decorated rainbow gingerbread biscuits that were kindly donated from Tesco. The children decorated these biscuits beautifully and enjoyed eating them afterwards!

Thank you Tesco for your very kind donation. We had a great time decorating them! Please see more photos in our Gallery.

Where’s Wally?

Look what we have been doing this afternoon – We have made a Where’s Wally trail around Hartlebury for our friends to find!

Good Luck!

Love Lincoln and Darwin 🌈

Forest School Toad

Noah has topped up our forest school garden with another lovely little toad that was venturing through his garden towards the road!

This toad was a much younger one this time as and Noah and his family are still wandering quite where they’re coming from.

Well done to Noah and his family for all the rescuing you are doing!

Our value this month is Resilience

This months Value is Resilience. We think you will all agree that this value sums up the amazing efforts of all our children, parents and staff during our rainbow time.

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11


Whale facts!

Year 1 have been learning all about whales. Ben has really enjoyed the whale work this week – he’s even managed to teach his mummy some new whale facts!
Well done Ben.
Please look at more of our fantastic pictures in our Gallery!

Music Blue Peter Badge

Daniel in Year 6 wanted to share with us that he was very pleased to get his music Blue Peter badge through the post. It is specially designed by Ed Sheeran.

He filled out the application after his role in Oliver with Stourbridge Amateur Operatic Society last year. He was due to perform as one of the brothers in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this year, but we’re not sure if that can still go ahead due to Covid 19.

How amazing Daniel. This is something very special to treasure forever!

Zoom Service

Rev. Stephen Winter and members of the Worcestershire Severn Parishes are hosting a Family-Friendly Informal Service on Sunday 12th July at 10am and we’d love to welcome you and any younger members of your family to it. It will be a Zoom service, and there are optional craft activities attached. With lovely hymns to be shared and with participation by members of different churches we hope to make the service more interactive and cross the divide between those Zoom windows.

If you would like to join, please use the following login details on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 845 168 9869,   Password: 9445

We invite you to bring something to your service window if you would like to… a growing plant, maybe a spectacular weed, and possibly some stones or rocks… You may guess from this what the theme of the service will be?

Please join us in trying to find a more engaging way to provide a family-friendly service through Zoom.  We hope to see you there, with or without things to bring.

An Order of Service and the craft activity sheets can also be downloaded from St Andrew’s church website:


Fun French YouTube Channel

A student at French languages colleagues at Aston University has been creating a YouTube channel for his friends who do not have access to their French input. Aleksander would like to reach 1 million subscribers and has asked for his link to be signposted – it is a great resource for the younger students and stars Aleksander himself!


Claire Richards

Project Manager | Routes into Languages West Midlands

Family Learning – Free Online Courses

With the majority of parents and their children at home the Family Learning Team at Worcestershire County Council have designed some really short but fun activities for parents and children to do together online. They have also designed a course for High School pupils and their parents – Jewellery making!

All of these short courses are free to all parents (no eligibility of criteria) and can be booked online by clicking on the blue hyperlinks below:

Book and Cook Family Activity Week Online

Motivational Monday – Making a rainbow from any ingredients you have at home from tomatoes to cherries to peas! Ring an isolated relative and read them a book and make a rainbow in your house or garden. Tech Tuesday – Harry Potter chocolate melting (using up your left over Easter Eggs) and some Harry Potter activities. Work it out Wednesday – Making Pizza (bread roll, slice of bread, pizza base and using up beans, tins of tomatoes, sweetcorn, etc) and then writing your own Pizza cook book. Theory Thursday making biscuits and Where’s Wally books and Feedback Friday – making up a recipe book to show school what you have learnt.

Monday 06/07/2020 10/07/2020
1 week(s) Free
Monday 03/08/2020  


1 week(s) Free

5 days of Family Fun online

Motivation Monday – Flower Pressing and card making using flowers from your garden or local walk and books as the press and turning them into cards or pictures to show or post to people. Tech Tuesday – Sock puppets from old socks at home and anything you can find at home to decorate. Working it out Wednesday – garden pots using recycled drink bottles and yoghurt pots and painting with water in your garden. Theory Thursday – using cereal, pasta or dried fruit etc to thread into necklaces or jewellery. Feedback Friday – Stick food using cocktail sticks or kebab sticks or similar make your own kebabs from fruit and veg in your home or any sweets you can find.

Monday 15/06/2020
19/06/2020 1 week(s) Free

Monday 13/07/2020

17/07/2020 1 week(s) Free

Monday 24/08/2020

28/08/2020 1 week(s) Free

High School Family Crafts Online

This is a 5 session online course for parents and teenagers to learn new crafts together. This course will be given to you to complete in your own time over the course of a week with 5 activities including: 1) Friendship Bracelets with wool or string 2) Flower braided bracelets using wool or string 3) Painted salt dough earrings 4) painted salt dough necklace and 5) Safety Pin Jewellery.

Monday 15/06/2020


Monday 13/07/2020

1 week

1 week(s)



Monday 24/08/2020 28/08/2020
1 week(s) Free


Congratulations Noah!

Congratulations to Noah in Year 4 who was one of the finalists in the Virtual Worcestershire School Games Design a poster competition.

Noah’s poster was shown on today’s virtual opening ceremony of the school games.

Click this link to see if you can spot it – https://www.activehw.co.uk/worcestershire-school-games

Excellent work Noah! We are all so proud of your efforts.

Relax Kids – Free Resources to download

Information received from https://www.relaxkids.com/

We have had so many requests from parents and teachers for tips and ideas to help children manage their anxiety during this unsettling time and have created a FREE CALM PACK to help give reassurance and a feeling of calm and safety to help children and their families manage changes and navigate these uncertain times.

It is designed to help rest and relax jangled nervous systems with a calming meditation set of relaxation exercise cards, affirmation cards and some activities.

We are creating some more tools to help children manage their anxiety.

Founder, Relax Kids

Contact us:

Family Learning – Signalong Workshops

Family learning has designed some short Signalong workshops for ‘adults – parents and carers’ or for ‘professionals – childcare and teaching staff’ online. Each workshop is over one week and contains one 30 minute zoom session per day Monday – Friday. All workshops are free for all (no eligibility criteria) and have limited spaces. To book onto any workshop please click below:

Adults – Parents, Carers and Grandparents

Signalong 1 Starter Workshop ONLINE

Course Description: Signalong is a key word sign-supported communication system based on British sign language and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word. This 5 day (one 30 min session a day) course is a “starter” course for parents, grandparents and adults wishing to learn a few signs to support communication for children and adults.

Start date 08/06/2020 End date 12/06/2020 Start Time 14pm End time 14.30pm Cost Free


Start date 06/07/2020 End date 10/07/2020 Start Time 14pm End time 14.30pm Cost Free


Signalong 2 Progression Workshop ONLINE

Course Description: This workshop is for you to progress with Signalong after you have completed Signalong 1 starter workshop. This includes bespoke signs for your personal needs and will cover topics such as money, colours and animals and we will base the teaching very much on your own needs as a group to be able to use signalong in everyday life.

Start date 22/06/2020 End date 26/06/2020 Start Time 14pm End time 14.30pm Cost Free


Start date 20/07/2020 End date 24/07/2020 Start Time 14pm End time 14.30pm Cost Free


Professionals – Childcare and Teaching Staff

Signalong 1 Starter workshop for Professionals ONLINE

Course Description: Signalong is a key word sign-supported communication system based on British sign language and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word. This 5 day (one 30 min session a day) workshop is a “starter” workshop for teachers, teaching assistants and staff, childcare staff & professionals wishing to learn a few signs to support communication for children or those with communication needs.

Start date 15/06/2020 End date 24/07/2020 Start Time 19.30pm End time 20.00pm Cost Free


Signalong 2 Progression workshop for Professionals ONLINE

Course Description: Once professionals have completed Signalong 1 Starter workshop this next set of courses is designed to meet your needs in your working routine. This course will be very much bespoke on the learners needs as a group to enable you to learn and use signs to support you in work. The signs will be based on topics such as school and childcare, routines, communicating needs and supporting communication.

Start date 29/06/2020 End date 03/07/2020 Start Time 19.30pm End time 20.00pm Cost Free



Kooth is a free, web based, confidential support service funded by the Worcester and Hereford NHS Trust and is available to all young people aged 11-18 years. Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support designed specifically for young people.

Year 6 pupils transition into High Schools and as well as it being an exciting time, it may also cause anxiety and stress in others. Kooth can also support vulnerable young people who may experience isolation or low self-esteem and help build their resilience for the big changes ahead. During such unprecedented times, lots of young people are also seeking support around not seeing their friends/teachers before moving to high school, and not being able to see their wider family.

Please see link below to access our digital Year 6 assembly presentation which can be shared with pupils as part of their transition support.


Kooth offers young people the opportunity to have a text-based conversation with a qualified counsellor. Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year on a drop-in basis. Young people can access regular booked online counselling sessions as needed. Outside counselling hours’ young people can message our team and get support by the next day.

When young people register with Kooth they will have support available to them now and in the future. Support can be gained not only through counselling but articles, forums and discussion boards. All content is age appropriate, clinically approved and fully moderated.

To find out more visit www.Kooth.com where young people can register for the service.

You can also view a short video about the service at: https://vimeo.com/318731977/a9f32c87de