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After School Care Fun

Eliza in Year 1 drew a fantastic Self-Portrait at After School Care. We think it is A-MA-ZING!! All of our children who attend our Wrap Around Care provisions have lots of fun and enjoy coming along. If your child would like to attend please contact the School Office on 01299 250312 or email us at office@hartlebury.worcs.sch.uk

Year 4 Viking Topic

On Thursday 13th February 2020, the Year 4 children presented their Viking topic homework as a museum in the hall. Children had put so much effort into this half term’s homework and completed a range of challenges such as building a Viking house, making a Viking board game and conducting research about Viking Gods. The whole school came to see what the children had been up to and the children did a fantastic job at answering any questions that children had.

Well done Year 4!

Please look at more photos in our gallery!

Space Writing Competition

Well done to everyone who entered the Space Writing Competition following our visit from astronaut Michael Foale.

Year 12 English Students from Stourport High marked all entries and were very impressed.

The winners were Millie and Aimee.


The following students were highly commended:




Roman Projects

Year 3 have been working on their Roman projects through the Easter break and have been sending in pictures of their work through Google Classroom. They have produced puppets, posters, models, quizzes, and have even dressed up a Ken doll as a Roman soldier in full uniform!

The children are working really hard on their daily lessons, but finding time for lots of physical activities and creative work too. Keep up the good work Year 3!

Please look out for more photos in our Gallery.

Anglo Saxon Homework

Year 3 were set the task of making an anglo saxon helmet or mask for their homework over half term.

We think they all did a fantastic job and really used their imaginations and created fantastic helmets or masks.

Well done Year 3!

Den Building

Katie in Year 4, built a den at home whilst thinking about angles and shapes to make it tall enough but also to ensure that it was strong enough.

Well done Katie. We can see how hard you worked on this and your photos are lovely.

Please look out for more home learning photos in our Gallery.


Superstar Soukie

I wanted to help families who might be struggling this Christmas and thought I’d ask the school to help me. I sent out a poster asking for donations of advent calendars so I could take them to our local food bank.

I had a target of 50 in my head, Mrs Unitt said 100.

We smashed both with donations of over 100 advent calendars and selection boxes!

Tesco in Stourport supported me too by donating 10 selection boxes.

The lady at the food bank was really grateful as they had ran out of advent calendars with lots more families to help still.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated. I love our school and the love we show other people.

From Soukie

Best of Britain

During the week of 20th April 2020, Year 2 learnt all about St Georges Day as part of their topic ‘Best of Britain’ and did some fantastic writing at home, inspired by Jackie Morris’s ‘Tell me a Dragon’.

Please click on the link below to have a look at the all their fantastic work.

Well done Year 2, this is absolutely brilliant!

Here are their dragons!



Anti-Bullying Poster

One of our fabulous children took it upon herself to design this fabulous Anti-Bullying Poster for Anti-Bullying week. We think it is amazing and you can see it displayed around our school.

Well done Freja. You have used a great choice of meaningful words to help get the message across to stop Bullying. You should be very proud of yourself.

Say NO to bullying and look after each other!


Wow…just wow!

This is Tom’s drawing of George and the Dragon which he did as part of his literacy work on St George’s Day.

What an incredible masterpiece you have created Tom. You are most certainly a future artist in the making. This is truly incredible.

Well done!


Year 2 have been looking at our value PEACE during the month of November. Mrs Unitt challenged Year 2 to make an acrostic poem about characteristics that peacemakers have. We think this is a lovely Poem written by Year 2. Well done.

We have displayed this in our Worship corner.

Year 6 Science

Year 6 have been doing some art during our rainbow time. Daniel P has created this ammonite drawing as part of science.

This is amazing Daniel. We can all see how hard you have worked on this and the detail you have put into drawing.

Well done!

Eddie the Elf

We had a little visit from Danielle and Eddie the Elf when Tesco brought our weekly food shop. Tesco in Stourport very kindly donated 10 selection boxes for Soukie’s advent calendar appeal for the food bank.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the fabulous workers at Tesco, especially Eddie the Elf!

Fossil Drawing

We have been learning about the famous palaeontologist Mary Anning. The Year 6 children had to pick their favourite type of fossil and draw it, first in pencil and then again in colour.

Well done to Adam who drew this incredible fossil.

Year 6 are really impressing us all with their artistic talent!

Viking Project

Year 4’s homework was a Viking Project. Albert and Edwin have made these fantastic pieces that were thoroughly deserving of a Headteacher’s Award. Please see further pictures in our Gallery.

Well done!


The Lonely Princess

Jess in Year 1 has written a lovely story book called ‘The Lonely Princess’ and she wanted to read it to Mrs Bartlett. Jess’s parents recorded a video of her reading it but later found this version that she recorded herself and thought that we would like to see it!

Well done Jess. It is a lovely little story. We are undecided what you will become in the future…

A children’s Author

A Teacher

A story teller

A television presenter

A princess

Whichever route you choose, you are going to be fabulous!!

Model of A.J.Hackett bungee jumping

This is my model of A.J.Hackett bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower in 1987. He was then arrested, but released 10 minutes later. He got the idea for bungee jumping when he saw tribe’s men in the jungle jumping off a wooden platform, with vines tied around their legs.

A.J. Hackett set up many bungee jumps around the world including the 450 foot high Nevis High Wire in New Zealand, which my Dad did when he was travelling.

By Sam

Year 2

Kidderminster Shuttle

Eleanor’s success is on the Shuttle’s website


Well done Eleanor. We are all so very proud of you!

Year 4 – Viking Project

This half term, Year 4 started the topic of Vikings. Miss Perry set homework just before half term and the children have had this entire term to complete the work. The children were given a menu and had to complete one writing task, one knowledge task and one art or design task. We are so proud of all of the children and how hard they have worked with their Viking projects. The children have all said how much they enjoyed doing this work with their families at home too! Mrs Unitt gave every child that completed the homework a headteachers award sticker to congratulate them on their incredible work. Well done Year 4!

Please look at more of our fabulous Viking Project pictures in our Gallery.

Conservation Competition

Year 6 designed and painted this wonderful Zebra as part of West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park Conservation Competition.

Well done Year 6. It is truly fabulous!

Bringing Vocabulary to Life!

Developing children’s vocabulary is such an exciting and important part of our learning in Early Years as we love opportunities to explore new vocabulary in exciting ways. During a whole-class Guided Reading session, the children in Reception read a story called “Sarah’s Tap Shoes,” with many children being uncertain as to what ‘tap shoes’ really were. We talked about tap dancing and watched Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers perform an amazing routine on YouTube. The children found it really interesting that the clip was in black and white and they came up with some excellent words to describe the routine including ‘elegant,’ ‘sweeping’ and ‘full of rhythm.’ We then discussed which surfaces tap shoes would and would not make a noise on, with some really great predicting.

When Miss Bagnall was in the staff room, discussing this lovely learning with the other teachers, Miss Salter and Miss Perry remembered that there were children in both of their classes who were excellent tap dancers and could show us the real thing! Sure enough, the next day, two of our Key Stage Two pupils came to visit Pre-School and Reception with their tap shoes and did some INCREDIBLE tap dancing for us. The children were absolutely entranced and it was really great to see the vocabulary from our book really brought to life.

Thank you girls for sharing your amazing talent with us!

Hula-Hoop fun

One of our children featured in the Bromsgrove Standard newspaper after attending a Droitwich Heritage Centre’s Medieval Activity Day. Children were able to experience what daily life was like in medieval England and took part in traditional games, including hopscotch, draughts, hula-hoping and quoits.

Well done Eliza. Lovely photo of you showing off your fabulous hula-hooping talents!

Five Fabulous Fundraising Friday’s

Two of our Year 6 girls are trying to create bags filled with essential items (and some treats) for homeless people. Their intention is to make up draw string bags, filled with small items they feel would be valued by anyone who is currently living without a roof over their head. They will take these bags to a local homeless charity for distribution. They have planned events over the next 5 weeks and hope parents/carers will feel able to support them. The first of the Five Fabulous Fundraising Friday’s was on Friday 8th March 2019 – Donation Station- any small items to go in these bags ie wipes, hand gel, hats, scarves, blankets, water bottle, plasters, hair brush, gloves, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.

Thank you for all of the donations. They have been gratefully received.

Well Done George

Well Done to one of our super star children George who earned his Blue Peter Diamond badge!

It’s a terrific achievement to be awarded such a special badge.

You should be very proud of yourself. You are a credit to your family and to our school.

A Poem for Remembrance

Year 2 wrote this beautiful poem for Remembrance Day on Monday 11th November 2019.

Beautiful words Year 2.