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London Visit

Posted on: 13th March 2019

London Visit

Please read below a beautifully written account of a London Visit by Eadie and Grace.

On Tuesday 5th March, five Year 6’s visited London. After a long coach journey, we finally arrived.

We gathered with some of the other schools from the trust, and made our way into Tate Britain. Here we walked around (in our groups) and admired the Artwork. Our favourite was a collage of beautiful photos and paintings.

Then we rejoined with the other schools to eat lunch and complete a quiz created by Mr James who organised the trip, to help us engage with the other children. Excitedly, we walked alongside the River Thames and down to the Houses of Parliament for a guided tour. On the way we saw the Shard which is the tallest building in London and also the London Eye.

When we got to the Houses of Parliament, we split into two groups. Both groups had a tour guide. Our tour guide was called Evangeline. We had to go through security to get in and it felt like we were going on holiday. After that we followed our tour guide to the front of Parliament where we saw and heard cries of disagreement/protesting.

Evangeline took us to the House of Commons, where we saw our first debate. After about five minutes, we left to go and see the House of Lords. Here we found out some interesting facts that we would like to share with you.

  1. Queen Elizabeth only comes to the House of Lords once a Year.
  2. The Queen has her own golden throne in the House of Lords.
  3. Michael Jackson wanted to buy the throne.
  4. Here we noticed that there was glass separating us and the debaters. Later on we were told that the glass was soundproof because protesters used to shout out in disagreement.

We carried on our tour and at the end everyone took a group photo.

When we got back to the High School everyone was exhausted from the amazing trip.