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Our Trip to London

Posted on: 9th March 2020

Our Trip to London

On Monday 9th March 2020, five children from Hartlebury CofE Primary School, visited London alongside children from other schools in the Trust.

Our first glance at London was all the shops and tall buildings like Grenfell Tower. All of our excited faces lit up as in the distance we saw a large building that some of the people on the bus familiarised as the Shard.

Once we arrived, we started to walk to the outskirts of Buckingham Palace. Outside of the Palace were the Her Royal Majesty The Queen’s guards barely flinching and only moving every 10 minutes to March. In front of the Palace stood a vast golden fountain that is where the group photo was taken.

On this day we had lots of exciting things planned like eating lunch in St James Park where animals such as the geese and squirrels were everywhere. It was amazing!

Also, we went to see the Houses of Parliament where we watched two debates. One in the House of Lords and another in the House of Commons. We learnt how real debates work and we attempted one ourselves. So many new things we did not know about Parliament; we have learnt on this trip. We also met our MP who answered all of our questions. This was the best part of the trip.

We would like to thank all of the people who organised this trip to London and we highly recommend it to you. Please look at more of our photos in the gallery.

Written by Owen and Laila – Year 6