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SAET Youth Commonwealth Day

Posted on: 8th July 2022

SAET Youth Commonwealth Day

Year 5 had a fantastic day at SAET Youth Commonwealth Day on Friday 8th July 2022. Each school from our academy was given a country from the Commonwealth to represent – we were New Zealand! – and had the opportunity to take part in Hockey, Cricket, Bowls and Athletics throughout the day. Each school was asked to prepare an oath or poem for their country. This is ours, written by our class!

A Kiwi in the Commonwealth?      

What a strange idea!

There’s no bananas, apples or pears…

So, let us make this clear. 


This Kiwi’s not a food,

Seeded, ripe and juicy.

We’re talking about New Zealand!

Full of culture, sports and beauty. 


New Zealand’s part of Oceania,

Where waters are deep and blue,

It’s sat on the Ring of Fire

And there are Secret islands too!


Volcanoes formed this landscape,

With mountains as far as the eye can see,

Come and check this place out!

It’s the sixth largest country.


Home to the Maori people,

Who named it ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’

Traditions so ancient and beautiful

Screaming the Haka loud and proud. 


New Zealand is full of Wildlife,

With the famous kiwi birds,

There are lizards and penguins and seals,

And fallow dear that travel in herds.


Known for their prowess in rugby,

They make their opponent quake,

When the All Blacks step on pitch,

The whole Earth starts to shake.


The last country to be inhabited,

3 Languages you can speak,

A visit to the land of Hobbits,

Is something you may seek!


A Kiwi in the Commonwealth?

What a wonderful idea!

No bananas, apples or pears…

Just beauty, adventure and cheer.