Hartlebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School

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 Quick Links

School Newsletter

Children and online safety away from school

Praise Assembly – Week 3

School Newsletter

How to Stay Fire Safe

Praise Assembly – Week 4

School Newsletter

What you need to do (including Handwashing technique)

Praise Assembly – Week 5

School Newsletter

Chimney Safety

Praise Assembly – Week 6

School Newsletter

Letter to Parents/Carers from WMRSASC

School Newsletter

Garden Bonfire Safety

School Newsletter

Road Safety – Online Resources

Heat Health Alert

Road Safety Worksheet

Staying safe in the Sun

Esafety Advice

School Newsletter

Year 6 Newsletter Issue 1

Early Years Curriculum

Year 6 Newsletter – Issue 2

Coronavirus Trust Update

Year 6 Newsletter – Issue 3

Coronavirus Partial School Closure

Year 6 Newsletter – Issue 4

Message from WHP – Home school link worker

Parents’ Plan for Staged Reopening of School from 1st June 2020

Critical Workers Childcare Arrangements

Praise Assembly – Week 1

Guidance on staying at home

Praise Assembly – Week 2